29 Haziran 2007

Another Little Story

Once, there was a little boy who hated brushing his teeth and washing his face every day and night. The process was so wearing that every second of it felt like a century. The taste of toothpaste disgusted him. His parents usually had no tolerance concerning this, but still, every time he used to found a way to skip them. But one day, he had a lot of pain and then he went to dentist. After that the pain taught him to endure the process. Since that day, he did those every day and night.

Then all of a sudden, he started to like them. Both tooth brushing and face-washing. He started to love the feel of water, cleanliness and freshness. Then the touch of toothbrush feels like a professional massage and so...

But after a while, he used to it. He used to the daily process, the feel...

After years of living, he grew up and now he misses something. He misses hating to do those things. To be aware of them, to feel their presence again. In this age, he remembers going to bathroom, then coming out like nothing happened. He can not help but forget his time... If he were not that used to the process... Now he wants to detest, but his reason doesn't let him.

He needs help to be aware of the life again.

-Art by Barry Bruner

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