18 Şubat 2007

Biraz Mitoloji, Tabii Yersen

"From Aether (Air) and Terra (Earth) [were born]: Dolor (Pain), Dolus (Deceit), Ira (Wrath), Luctus (Lamentation), Mendacium (Lies), Jusjurandum (Oath), Ultio (Vengeance), Intemperantia (Intemperance), Altercatio (Altercation), Oblivio (Forgetfulness), Socordia (Sloth), Timor (Fear), Superbia (Pride), Incestum (Incest), Pugna (Combat)."

"Malign Tisiphone [the Erinys] seized a torch steeped in blood, put on a robe all red with dripping gore and wound a snake about her waist, and started from her home [in the Underworld, on a mission to drive Athamas mad]; and with her as she went were Luctus (Grief) and Pavor (Dread), Terror (Terror), and Insania (Madness) too with frantic face."

"None did mould it [the cursed necklace of Harmonia], but Luctus (Grief), and all the Irae (Madnesses), and Dolor (Anguish) and Discordia (Discord), with all the craft of her right hand [assisted Hephaistos in its making]."

"Luctus (Grief) inconsolable stands there [amongst the mourners] with bloody raiment rent and with pierced breast incites the mothers [of the slain warriors]. They search the helmets of the warriors now cold in death, and display the bodies they have found, stretched prostrate alike on stranger and on kinsman."

"Dreadful is the sight within [the besieged city], scarce Mars [Ares] himself would rejoice to behold it; Luctus (Grief) and Furor (Fury) and Pavor (Panic), and Fuga (Rout) enwrapped in blinding gloom rend with many-voiced discord the frenzied, horror-stricken town."

"Demented Luctus (Grief) hath his stand in they heart; at a touch thy breast heaves and sobs."

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